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Top Museums of Ankara, Turkey

Monday, February 27th, 2012

The capital and second largest city in Turkey behind Istanbul is the city of Ankara.  It is geographically located in the heart of Central Anatolia and Turkey.  It is well known that the locals appreciate and welcome tourists while trying to be as helpful as possible.  Most of the younger individuals speak English but most residents will try to speak the language if they recognized that you are from an English-speaking country.

photo by william.neuheisel

One of the most significant features of Ankara is the numerous museums that you can find throughout the city.  The following is our choices for the top museums of Ankara, Turkey:

Anitkabir (Ataturk’s Mausoleum) – this structure is located in one of the more imposing locations of Ankara’s Anittepe Quarter.  The mausoleum was constructed over a period of 10 years (1944 to 1953) and is dedicated to Kemal Ataturk, the individual credited as being the original founder of the Turkish nation.  At the time, it was viewed as an impressive blend of ancient and modern architectural design.

Anatolian Civilizations Museum – the structure was built during the Ottoman Empire of the 15th century and is situated close to the Citadel gate.  The museum contains a huge collection of works from the Chalcolithic, Hatti, Hittite, Lydian, Neolithic, Paleolithic, Phrygian, Urartian, and Roman civilizations.  The establishment won the “European Museum of the Year” in 1997, a competition 65 museums located in 21 European countries.

Ethnographical Museum – located in the Namazgah district on Talat Pasa Boulevard across the street from the Opera House, this museum contains one of the finest collections of artifacts, folkloric items, and rugs from the mosques of the Ottoman and Seljuk Empires.  Ataturk was buried in what is now the inner courtyard of the museum after he passed away in 1938.  The mausoleum was constructed 15 years later in 1953 while the bronze statue of Ataturk riding his horse was made by an Italian in 1927 and placed in front of the structure.

Hacettepe University Arts Museum – opened in 2005 by the university, this museum is the continuation the Paintings and Sculptures Museum that was originally built during the 1970’s.  It was later renovated by the university and today, there are numerous hallways that contain over 250 works by a number of Turkish artists and painters from the earlier stages of the Republic until the present time.  You will find the museum inside the cultural center of the university.

Artifacts of Pious Foundations Vakiflar Museum- It was built in General Directorate of Pious Foundations in 1928 and was earlier used as a girl’s school till 2005. It became a museum in 2007 and is situated in Ulus district. Creatively housing the artifacts and items of historical significance, including 15th century hand woven Turkish carpets, ancient Korans, candle holders and woodwork from the 12th and 13th century and ethnographic items and more.


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