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3 Amsterdam coffee shops where the locals smoke

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Pot and Coffee

If you’re new to the lost art of smoking cannabis in public legally then Amsterdam will seem like somewhere you saw in your dreams. If you’re arriving in the city for the first time then the chances are you’ll end up in one of the big coffee shops, that are the equivalent to Aberdeen Angus Steak House in London, such as the Bulldog in Dam Square. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it but if you fancy heading to somewhere a little less full of students looking scared and dribbling Burger Kings then here are some of the more refined coffee shops where the locals hang out.

1. Trinity

Located on Sarphatistraat 87 This one is a little south east of the city centre and not quite walkable if you’re staying right in the middle of town. But then this is what makes it somewhere a little special and unique. Gone are the hoards of backpackers but the same luxurious treats such as the pool tables and plasma screen TV are still there. There is a separate room for smoking, in case you ever need a breather and there’s enough room to feel like you’re not all smoking the same joint. It’s a good one if you’re looking for the mellowness but still the all the mod-cons and comfort.

2. Siberie

This one is pure class and there won’t be a zoned out kid in sight…hopefully. On Brouwersgracht 11 right by the canal and with amazing views, this little treat is one to pass on to people going to a smoke in the city. There’s a big double door to welcome you in and then some comfortable chairs to take the weight off, which is a rarity in such establishments as people tend to have a smoke and end up sitting there all afternoon. You’ll want to do just that here though and will be welcomed with open arms by the friendly staff who will be happy to help you pick and then roll some of the choice weed of the day.

3. Yo Yo

This again fits into the out-the-way idea and is a really special little hidden gem. If you are in the right state of mind then you might be able to find this place. It’s near the Albert Cuyp market, just away from all the business. What’s interesting about this place is the homely feel. Not too long ago it was someone’s house and now it’s run by an all female group who are intent on making everyone feel welcome in their home. It’s quite a residential area and very leafy. You can sit both outside on the tables and chairs or inside in the cosy small interior where there’s plenty to look at on the walls. The weed is particularly good here and all organic.

Picture of pot and cup of coffee in Amsterdam by Valerie Everett


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5 responses to “3 Amsterdam coffee shops where the locals smoke”

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  1. Sully says:
    March 3rd, 2010 at 17:09

    I septn some time in Amsterdam a couple of years ago and along with some organic coffee, I did enjoy the local scene. I had a strange experience where a waitress was serving me coffee, and wanted a tip after every cup was brought out, rather than when the bill was given. I have to say that enduring the waitstaff was the LEAST favorite experience I had in my time there.

  2. kiki says:
    July 18th, 2010 at 01:42

    I went to the Trinity yesterday : nobody inside and the guy VERY UNFRIENDLY……normal prices and the “best weed” very regular
    In addition it is very dirty inside

  3. Omer Pelman says:
    May 25th, 2014 at 10:20

    Yo yo is shut down, as of 5/2014

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  1. Glambert4371 (Anna Zarbano) says:
    November 21st, 2010 at 00:38

    RT @AliceInGlitter: It’s legal & served in coffee shops. Here, for all those who need to cultivat themselves

  2. Voodoo_Childe (Rhonda ) says:
    November 21st, 2010 at 01:36

    RT @AliceInGlitter: It’s legal & served in coffee shops. Here, for all those who need to cultivat themselves

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