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Things to Do in Algarve, Portugal

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Located in Portugal’s southernmost region along the Atlantic coastline is the popular tourist destination known as the Algarve. Its popularity is derived from the fact that its beaches are amazingly clean and the waters are cool and totally unpolluted. The fact that it is relatively affordable, inviting, and safe contributes to the area’s popularity as well. However, there is far more things to do in Algarve, Portugal than just spend your time on one of its pristine beaches.

photo by Sue Elias

Lagos – one of the livelier cities along the Algarve coastline, this is a sunny vibrant town comprised of cobblestone that are lined with dozens of bars, cafés, and restaurants all of which have excellent menus to try and enjoy. This is also a popular destination for hikers or backpackers and surfers.

Café Inglês – the favorite place of both locals and tourists in the city of Silves that features a beautiful, shaded terrace to dine on. The food is nothing short of excellent and it is one of the liveliest spots along the Algarve coast. The interior features an elegant décor and during the summer months, you can enjoy live African and jazz music.

Adega Nova – located in the city of Faco, this popular spot literally buzzes with Portuguese country charm and tourists from around the world. The lofty beamed ceiling, long bench seats and communal tables, and the rustic cooking tools displayed on the walls create the unique décor that Adega Nova is known for. They serve some excellent fish and meat dishes while the service is excellent.

Tavira – running through the center of this attraction is the Rio Gilão which is lined on both sides by some elegant homes which is why it is oftentimes referred to as the “Venice of the Algarve.” Tavira is known for its 37 churches, castle ruins, and the 16th to 18th century buildings that dot the landscape of the area.

Monchique – the small town is nestled in the Algarve’s mountain range in the forested, hilly region known as the Serra de Monchique. The higher elevation provides a crisp, airy contrast to the sea breezes of the coastal area. For the individual who enjoys biking, hiking, or horseback riding, this are is perfect for those activities. There is also a private zoo that is home to a number of endangered species and a spa that is hidden in a woodland area where relaxing is the main activity to participate in.

Zoomarine- It is situated in the scenic Guia, watch the acrobatics of seals, dolphins and sea lions along with presentation of the birds of prey and tropical avian. There is a huge aquarium that houses sharks and a variety of fishes. To add to the attraction, there is Cinema 4D, swimming pools and amusements. Enjoy a tour of the facility and unravel the mysteries of the water animals and marine life.


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