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A Guide to Making Up on Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 14th, 2014

No matter how much in love you may think you are with your partner, gradually the fire dies out and then everything starts to go awry in a relationship. What many people fail to consider is the fact that you need to keep the passion and romance in your relationship to avoid boredom and dullness coming between you and your partner. No need to fret, you can make up on Valentine’s Day using these simple tips.

making up on valentine's day(photo by: Chrismatos)

Discuss Valentine’s Day Plan with Your Partner

Make a collaborative plan to spend the Valentine’s Day together in advance. Discuss with your partner on how you both can spend precious time in romantic hotels in Verona together. Ensure the Valentine’s Day special is not surprise and as per convenience to both of you. Limit yourself in overdoing things that are unnecessary on Valentine’s Day. Be careful as people refrain public display of affection.

Focus On Your Partner

Just because you love Valentine’s Day does not mean your partner does, and by taking into account both of your preferences for the holiday will definitely make the day special. Explore new things and places together with your partner.

- If the two of you enjoy historic places, you can plan a tour to romantic hotels in Verona and get away from the mediocrity of life

- Rent a hot air balloon or go skydiving together

- Take a moonlight stroll to stargaze or walk together along the beach hand-in-hand

- Memorize the most famous love poem and recite over the dinner

- Do a night cuddled up on the couch while watching romantic movies

Make Your Gift Special

Everyone does chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day, do you need to do this? Appreciate your partner with a gift depending on what they like. Make your valentine gift something a bit special and memorable.

- Surprise your loved one with tickets to a favorite event like touring a band for the weekend or sports team playoff game

- Instead of traditional flowers, give your partner flowering teas

- Why do plain chocolate when you can give your partner a sexy gift basket, complete with massage oil, honey dust and body paints?

Remember, there are many ways to make up on Valentine’s Day, whether big or small you can show your love. What are you waiting for? Make the day special.


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