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9 Most Entertaining Restaurants in New York City

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Restaurants in New York(Photo by: See-ming Lee)

I talked about spending the holidays in New York City a couple of blog posts ago, and I said you simply have to do it once. There’s another thing about NYC that is second-to-none, and that is the food! You cannot go wrong eating your way through New York City. This is a city that has built itself upon diversity, and its millions of eateries prove that. If you want authentic… anything, you’ll find it in New York City. People travel from all over the world to visit America’s most populated city and experience NYC’s chaos and cuisine. From street hot dog vendors to five-star restaurants, NYC will not disappoint when it comes to entertaining eating!

525LEX Restaurant and Lounge

It might seem like a strange name, but 525LEX is a quick and easy way to remember where this entertaining NYC restaurant is located. New York City is a melting pot of cultures, but sometimes we just want good, old-fashioned American cuisine, and 525LEX delivers! This upscale NYC restaurant offers a dramatic atmosphere of hardwood flooring and posh, modern furniture. The chef brings in seasonal items to create amazing American comfort food, and the bar features some fantastic signature drinks.

525LEX Restaurant – 525 Lexington Avenue – New York, New York – 10017


Going to a Broadway show while in the Big Apple? Then, have dinner at Cityhouse. This restaurant is located in New York City’s famous Park Central Hotel in the heart of Manhattan and right next to Carnegie Hall. Many enjoy the restaurant’s affordable three-course meal – glass of wine included – before checking out a show and while checking out the views of 7th Avenue. The restaurant’s head chef calls his food “good, sexy food.” Enough said!

Cityhouse – 870 7th Avenue – New York, New York – 10019

Da Nico Restorante

No trip to New York City is complete unless you visit Little Italy for authentic Italian food cooked by generations of Italians. I’m Italian! Trust me! You won’t be disappointed in NYC’s Italian fare. Da Nico Restorante in Little Italy is one of NYC’s finest Italian eateries. Don’t let the word “finest” fool you, though. The food is surprisingly affordable, and you and the kids can enjoy some serious NY-style brick oven pizza! There’s also a full bar and some kid-friendly outdoor seating!

Da Nico Restorante – 164 Mulberry Street – New York, New York – 10013

Hard Rock Café

If you’re a music buff, you must stop by Hard Rock Café in Times Square. Sure, it’s a chain restaurant, but it’s filled with tons of music memorabilia any music fan will enjoy. Hard Rock Café NYC also offers a fantastic menu of foods even the kids will love, and a full service bar with drinks exclusive to the restaurant and sure to please mom and dad. Memorabilia from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin’s Jon Bonham, Billy Joel, and The Ramones are amongst the NYC Hard Rock’s collection.

Hard Rock Café – 1501 Broadway – New York, New York – 10036

Planet Hollywood

Movie buffs will appreciate Planet Hollywood, also located in New York City’s Times Square. Although this chain restaurant experienced some financial troubles in the past, the NYC location is still going strong, and has plenty of movie memorabilia sure to excite any movie fan. The menu isn’t so bad either, with burgers, salads, pasta dishes, and entrees any palette will appreciate. Knock back a few drinks at the bar, and wander the restaurant to see stuff from Hollywood productions I’m sure you’ve seen!

Planet Hollywood – 1540 Broadway – New York, New York – 10036

Prime 333 Steakhouse

Prime 333 Steakhouse is located in the New York Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, so you’ll find plenty of steak and cocktails in this entertaining NYC restaurant. Prime 333 Steakhouse has it all. Enjoy a fantastic steak dinner and other culinary delights, such as seafood, potatoes, and some appetizers to die for. All your night’s entertainment is found in one place at Prime 333.

Prime 333 Steakhouse – 333 East 60th Street – New York, New York – 10022

Rick’s Cabaret and Steakhouse

“Life is a cabaret, old chum! Come to the cabaret!” Leave the little ones with a sitter because, I’m not kidding, Rick’s Cabaret is a steakhouse… and gentlemen’s club too! You will find some yummy surf and turf on the menu at Rick’s, and the restaurant offers some nice party packages with open bar discounts for those celebrating a bachelor or bachelorette party in the Big Apple. Rick’s Cabaret also has plenty of sporting events on big screen TVs in its many bars. Smokers can enjoy a smoking deck and, yes, there are cabaret shows throughout the day.

Rick’s Cabaret and Steakhouse – 50 West 33rd Street – New York, New York – 10001

Session 73 Restaurant

Throwing a private party? Check out the Upper East Side’s Session 73 Restaurant. This hip eatery offers a private bar for exclusive parties. The rest of us get to sit in the lounge and enjoy the loud music and strong drinks! The food Session 73 serves originated from Spain, and is served for everyone at your table to enjoy. The menu is eclectic, and isn’t just tapas. You simply have to try a little bit of everything to fully satisfy your appetite and absorb the alcohol you’ll be consuming!

Session 73 Restaurant – 1359 1st Avenue – New York, New York – 10021

Slide Restaurant

Sliders – or mini-hamburgers – have become a food obsession, and NYC’s Slide Restaurant doesn’t disappoint when it comes to this carnivorous finger food. Slide Restaurant takes sliders one-step further, however, by offering some fun ways to slide some alcohol down your throat as well! You can order a spiked milkshake to drink and add a funky, adult twist to your classic burger and shake meal. Slide Restaurant has a full bar, so you won’t have any trouble mixing and matching your burgers and beverages.

Slide Restaurant – 174 Bleecker Street – New York, New York – 10012

These are just nine entertaining restaurants in New York City. You could spend an entire year eating your way through the Big Apple. Come to think of it, that sounds like a great idea! New York City truly is one of the largest melting pots in the world. So, book your trip, pack your appetite for all types of foods, and eat your way through NYC!

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  1. Melllisa says:
    February 4th, 2014 at 07:19

    Oh I just visited Da Nico Restorante there food is great and tasty! worth reading

  2. Catherine Campbell says:
    March 1st, 2014 at 16:21

    Awesome; thank you! I just read a similar site that rates 50 restaurants, bars and clubs in NYC and only a few of what you list are on there. Thank you for your write up!

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