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7 Most Outrageous Water Slides

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Water slides are beyond fun, they are enthralling, adrenaline fueled and a way to release the inner adventurer. There’s nothing quite like taking to a few water molecules surrounded by a blanket of desire and nerve. One of the main benefits of the 21st century is that this is often encapsulated on video camera, meaning you can relive these exciting shenanigans in the dry confines of the living room.

most exciting water slides of the world(photo by: Nana B Agyei)

The world is abundant with water but only few have the intuit to enhance this global property and add a touch of creativity to it. Water slides can be found within the parameters of nature, however mankind has devised a number of curious ways to make the droplets of life, a little more fun!

1)Leap of Faith, Bahamas

Replicating the Maya traditions, this authentic water slide will propel you through 60 feet of happiness before you embrace a climax of cool, clean refreshment.

2) Summit Plummet, Florida

Obviously this neck of the woods if rife with hotels as it is one of the most famous holiday destinations on the planet. Boasting a huge 12 story high integrity, this slide is not for the weak of heart. Danger combined with scenery make this amazing water ride one for the books. It is right in the Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, so you only need to book one of our family hotels in Orlando to get to know how it really feels like to be up there..

3) The Wildebeest, Indiana

Comprising of more than seven turns and twists, this water slide is one of the most recognised on the planet in regards to its adrenaline output.

4)Aqualoop, Slovenia

A revolution to say the least, this is the first water slide on the planet that will transport riders into an upside down state.

5) Insano, Brazil

It would hardly be fair to talk about water slides without mentioning the planet’s tallest so here goes. Insano delivers a drop of more than 14 stories in height and will take you from top to bottom within the space of five seconds.

6)Tantrum Alley, Dubai

This feat of magnificence consists of three intertwining water slides, each offering their own attributes.

7) Scorpion’s Tail, Wisconsin

An average speed of 50 feet per second can be enjoyed here.


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