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Made in Italy – 6 Cave Hotels in Matera

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Matera is a beautiful city and province located in the region of Southern Italy, in Basilicata to be precise. Its prime tourist attraction is the Sassi, which are rock-cut settlements that are preserved with utmost care. These Sassi are a world Heritage site and the primary reason why people visit this fairly large city.

Panorama of Matera, Italy(photo by: CucombreLibre)

Thus, if you are visiting Matera then it goes without saying that you should stay in a rock-cut or cave hotel. The following are the top 6 cave hotels of this stunning city:

Palazzo Gattini Luxury Hotel – Matera. Who said that cave hotels cannot be luxurious in nature? Palazzo Gattini luxury hotel offers luxurious holiday experience as far as the accommodation factor is concerned. Situated close to tourist destinations like Sassi and Cathedral of Matera, this luxury hotel offers free wi-fi, comfortable rooms and gastronomically delightful food!

Matera cave hotel

Basiliani Hotel – Matera. Located in the archaeological area of Matera by the name of the Sasso Caveoso, the Basiliani Hotel offers the perfect fusion of a dynamic location, modern facilities and an ancient or historic building. It is also situated close to some of the most popular cultural destinations of Matera, which is definitely a huge plus point.

Matera cave hotel

Locanda di San Martino – Hotel e Thermae Romanae – Matera. If you are looking for a three star cave hotel in Matera then this one fits the bill. It is located just a few meters away from Sassi and the popular San Giovanni Battista Church, this one offers beautiful interior design and rooms that have cave-like features.

Matera cave hotel

Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort – Matera. Situated in the historical district of Matera, this spacious Sassi rocky habitat is well-preserved with beautiful rooms, courtyards, stairways, pathways and so on. A stay here is bound to be an unforgettable one. Guests can enjoy amenities like spas, shopping centres which are located nearby.

Matera cave hotel

Residence San Giorgio Matera. This one is a beautiful hotel that is situated at a great spot because it is close to all the popular attractions in Matera from the San Giovanni Battista church to the Cathedral of Matera to Tramontano Castle. Free wi-fi, roundtrip journeys to the airport via shuttle and laundry services are offered by the hotel.

La Casa Di Lucio Hotel Relais – Matera. This is a four star cave hotel that has everything going for it from a hip location to top notch amenities to beautiful views. With so much on offer, wouldn’t it be confusing for you to choose your accommodation option?

Matera Cave hotel


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  1. Edward Cross says:
    September 1st, 2014 at 14:24

    It’s just the beauty of Italy and human imagination that has carved out Hotels out of Caves. Exceptional.

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