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Top 5 Farm Tours In Europe

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Would you like to find out what it feels like to spend a holiday in a calming countryside destination? Look no more; Europe has the best in store for you!

While many people enjoy beach holidays and camping trips, sometimes it’s good to just take a break from such and head away from the city. With that said, here are the top 5 destinations to pick from if you want to get the most out of your farm tour.

5 Farm tours(photo by: joiseyshowaa)

1. Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany is a region that is renowned for its scenic landscapes, rich culture and artistic legacy -these are just some of the reasons why travelers love the area. The place is also known for its high quality wine and this makes it an ideal spot for all wine lovers. Agriturismo Sanguineto is one of the good farmhouses to check into in Tuscany.

2. Alsace, France
Located in the East of France, Alsace is a serene region that is excellent for both romantic and family getaways. It has many attractions including its old charming architecture; and if you tour during summer, you might just catch the amazing light show at the cathedral. Hotel De La Couronne is an ideal place to stay in when you stopover at Alsace.

3. Wexford, Ireland
For someone who wants to have a real feel of a countryside vacation, Wexford is the place to head to. Here, you can be sure to locate numerous B&B working farms and farm houses including Killiane Castle. The Wexford Arts centre and the Festival Opera stand out as some of the most frequented attractions in the area.

4. Andalucía, Spain
There are many Olive orchards in Andalucía and you can expect to see many of these when you visit the place. There are also rolling hills with pine trees, lavish palaces and beautiful gardens all which are bound to capture your imagination. You can book your accommodation in Villa Ignacia Hotel if you intend to tour Andalucía.

5. Bavaria, Germany
Bavaria is one of the most fascinating regions in Germany – it has a lot to offer every traveler. It has modern museums, nature spots, castles and some beautiful small towns and villages that will certainly make your stay worthwhile. While in Bavaria, you can try to locate Hotel Barbara for some great accommodation.


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