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10 Rare Pictures of Rome in the Snow

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Getting a glimpse of snow-covered Rome is quite rare, even to natives of this Ancient City. Snowfall is known to come once every 20 years, so when it does happen, it’s thrilling to be able to remember it in photos. Here’s a look at 10 photos which capture snow-capped Rome in its rarest form.

1 ) Altare della Patria

Vittoriano Rome(photo by: ste:w2012)

2 ) The Colosseum

Anfiteatro Flavio(photo by: ste:w2012)

3 ) The Roman Forum

Roman Forum(photo by: Gary Denham)

4 ) Roma Tuscolana Railway Station

Via Appia(photo by: Fabio Stefano Alla)

5 ) St Peter’s Basilica

Vatican(photo by: superdealer100)

6 ) Piazza del Popolo

Flaminio(photo by: Fabio Stefano Alla)

7 ) Via dei Fori Imperiali

Roman Forum(photo by: Fabio Stefano Alla)

8 ) Pineto Regional Park

Pineta Sacchetti(photo by: Roberto Ventre)

9 ) Along the Tiber

Trastevere(photo by: msako23)

10 ) The Colosseum (again :-) )

Anfiteatro Flavio(photo by: Antonio Culicigno)

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